Ethiopian Electric Power Autoroty Vacanncy 2022

Ethiopian Electric Power Autority Vacancy

Ethiopian Electric Power Authority (EELPA) was established in 1955(1948 E.C).  It was re-established as Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) after restructuring in 1996(1989E.C). The corporation was reorganized into two entities, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) in 2013(2006 E.C).

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) was established by the FDRE Council of Ministers Regulation No. 302/2013 and amended Regulation No. 381/2016 to implement the following objectives.  Therefore, the following are the objectives for which the EEP is mandated in accordance with the amended Regulation of the Council of Ministers of FDRE No. 381/2016.

1/ To undertake feasibility studies, design and survey of electricity generation in the integrated national grid, construction of transmission lines and substation over 66-kilo volt level; to contract out such activities to consultants, as required

2/ To undertake construction and upgrading of electricity generation in the integrated national grid and, construction and upgrading transmission lines and substation of over 66-kilo volt level; to contract out such works to contractors as required;

3/ To administer, operate and maintain electricity generation in the integrated national grid, and transmission lines and substations of over 66-kilo volt level;

4/ To sell and purchase bulk electric power on transmission lines above 66-kilo volt level;

5/ To lease transmission lines above 66-kilo volt level;

6/ To submit electricity tariff proposals with respect to power sales and implement same upon approval;

7/ In line with directives and policy guidelines issued by the Ministry of finance and economic cooperation to sell and pledge bonds and to negotiate and sign loan agreements with locale and international financial sources;

8/ To undertake any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purposes.

Electricity supply system

Currently, there are 22 interconnected generation plants and they are mainly from hydropower and wind farms.  In addition to these, the EEP also has power plants that generate energy from solid waste and geothermal sources.

ክፍት የሥራ መደብ ማስታወቂያ

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Addis Zemen (አዲስ ዘመን; “New Era” in English) is an Ethiopian Amharic newspaper published by the federal government’s Ethiopian Press Agency, which also publishes the English-language Ethiopian Herald.

Addis ZemenType Daily Format Broadsheet Founder(s) Haile Selassie Publisher Ethiopian Press AgencyFounded 7 June 1941; 81 years ago Political alignment Pro-government Language Amharic Headquarters Addis Ababa Website:

The paper was founded by Emperor Haile Selassie following the liberation of the country, and its name refers to the liberation of Ethiopia from Italian colonial rule.The paper was launched as a four-page weekly on 7 June 1941.Its first editor-in-chief was Amde Mikael Desalegn. On 5 May 1946 it became a broadsheet publication[1] and in December 1958 it became a daily newspaper,along with the Ethiopian Herald.

It is based in Addis Ababa and is currently published by the Ethiopian Press Agency.On Sundays, the paper provides its readers with extensive news about children in the country in terms of cultural activities.