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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and yet one of the richest. As a result, hundreds of people visit this European country every year. If you also want to explore this tiny country, you may need to apply for a Luxembourg visa.

Do I Need a Visa to Go to Luxembourg?

You do not need a visa to visit Luxembourg if:

• You are a citizen or a family member of the EU/EEA/Switzerland.

• You are a citizen from a country with a visa-free agreement with Schengen.

Everyone else needs to apply for a visa to enter Luxembourg.

Types of Luxembourg Visas?

Here are the four Luxembourg visa types:

• An airport transit A visa.

• A short-stay C visa.

• A long-stay D visa.  

Airport Transit A Visa

An airport transit visa allows you to transit in a Luxembourg airport while you are on your way to another country. However, this type of visa does not allow you to exit the airport area. The airport transit visa is issued for 24 hours.

If you are from one of the countries listed below, you need an airport transit visa to pass through the transit area of the airport of Luxembourg:

• Western Sahara

• Bangladesh

• Democratic Republic of the Congo

• Eritrea

• Ethiopia

• Ghana

• Iran

• Iraq

• Nigeria

• Pakistan

• Somalia

• Sri Lanka

Short-Stay C Visa

A short-stay visa allows you to stay in Luxembourg for 90 days in any 180-day period. In addition, you can visit other Schengen countries within the validity of the visa. The Luxembourg short-stay visa is issued for:

• Tourism.

• Business meetings.

• Medical controls.

• Visits.

• School trips.

• Conferences, etc.

With a short-stay C visa, you can not apply for a temporary residence permit in Luxembourg.

» Calculate the days you can stay in Luxembourg through the 90/180 rule calculator. 

Long-Stay D Visa

A long-stay D visa allows you to stay in Luxembourg for one year. It also allows you to visit other Schengen countries too. You can get a Luxembourg long-stay visa for the following purposes:

• Work.

• Study.

• Investment.

• Family reunion.

With a long-stay D visa, you can apply for a temporary residence permit in Luxembourg. A temporary residence permit allows you to stay for five years in Luxembourg and can be renewed.

Difference Between Luxembourg Schengen Visa and Long-Stay Visa

The difference between a Schengen visa and a long-stay visa is:

Short-stay visaLong-stay visaA short-stay visa is issued for 90 days.A long-stay visa is issued for 365 days.A short-stay visa is issued for: tourism, family visits, business meetings, etc.A long-stay visa is issued for: work, study, family reunion, investment, etc.You can not apply for a temporary residence permit with a short-stay visa. You must leave Luxembourg as soon as your visa expires.You can apply for a temporary residence permit with a long-stay visa, and extend your stay in Luxembourg indefinitely.

Luxembourg Visa Application Process

To apply for a Luxembourg visa, follow these steps:

• Book an Appointment with the Luxembourg Embassy

• Fill Out the Visa Application Form

• Submit the Application at the Embassy and Pay the Fee

• Wait For an Answer

Book an Appointment with the Luxembourg Embassy

First, you must contact Luxembourg’s nearest embassy/consulate and book an appointment. Make sure you arrive on time at your visa appointment because someone else can take your place, and you can lose your opportunity to apply on that day.  You may also be asked to be interviewed at your visa appointment.

Fill Out the Visa Application Form

You must download the application form for the Luxembourg visa online, fill it out in the right way, print a hard copy and sign it at the end. Make sure you fully complete the application form with sincere responses and do not leave any blank spaces.

Submit the Application at the Embassy and Pay the Fee

Gather all the required documents listed below at the ‘Document Checklist for Luxembourg Visa’, and submit them to the Luxembourg embassy/consulate.

The next step is to finish the payment for your visa application. You can make the payment at the embassy/consulate of Luxembourg in your home country when submitting all the required documents. Make sure you attach the receipt of the payment to the rest of the documents.

Wait For an Answer

After finishing all the required steps, wait for an answer. You will receive a response from the embassy/consulate to which you have submitted the documents after two weeks. Sometimes it may take longer.

Luxembourg Visa Requirements

To apply for a Luxembourg visa, you must submit the documents listed below at the nearest embassy/consulate of Luxembourg in your home country:

• A valid passport. The passport must be valid (at least three months after the return date), in good condition, and with at least two blank pages. Include a copy of previous visas, if any.

• Two photos according to the Schengen photo guidelines. Your photos must be passport-sized, taken on a blank background, and with colors.

• Schengen visa application form. Complete the application form online, print a hard copy, and sign it at the end. Make sure you fulfill the application with sincere responses. False information can lead to visa refusal.

• Schengen visa travel insurance. Document proof that you have valid health insurance. The insurance must have coverage of €30,000 in case you face any health problems while in Luxembourg.

• Visa fee receipt. Finish the visa fee payment at the embassy/consulate of Luxembourg when submitting the documents. Make sure you attach the receipt of the payment to the other requested documents.

• Cover letter. The cover letter is like a letter introduction that you write to the embassy. The embassy will know more about you, the purpose of your visit, how long you plan to stay, which places you plan to visit, etc., based on this cover letter.

• Accommodation proof in Luxembourg. The accommodation proof is a document proving that you have a place to stay in Luxembourg. This document can be a rental agreement, a hotel reservation, an invitation letter from a friend or a family member, etc.

• Invitation letter. The invitation letter is a letter issued from a friend or a family member proving that you have a place to stay in Luxemburg.

• Bank statements. Submit the bank statements from the last six months, proving that you are financially stable and that you can finance yourself while you are in Luxembourg.

• Flight itinerary. Document proof that you have purchased a return flight ticket in your home country after the visa expires.

Any missing document can lead to your visa refusal. 

Luxembourg Visa Application Common Interview Questions

Below, you will find some of the most common questions that may be asked during your Luxembourg visa application interview:

• What is your name/last name?

• How old are you?

• What do you do in your living country?

• Are you married? If yes, for how long?

• Do you have kids? If yes, how many and how old are they?

• Are you traveling alone?

• Are you working right now?

• Can you show us your bank statement?

• Have you traveled before?

• Do you have proof that you will return home after your visa expires?

Luxembourg Visa Fees

The Luxembourg visa fees are:

Airport Transit Visa€80Short-Stay (Schengen) Visa€80Long-Stay (National) Visa€50

Applicants listed below are exempted from paying the visa fee.

• Children between the age of 0-6.

• Citizens of EU/EEA/Switzerland and their family members.

• Holders of diplomatic passports.

• Scientific researchers who are traveling for scientific reasons.

• Students traveling for study purposes.

Luxembourg Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Luxembourg visa is 15 days. The processing time starts when you submit the documents at the embassy/consulate of Luxembourg. However, it could be extended from 15 to 60 days. The processing time depends on several factors, such as:

• Your specific case.

• The time you apply (during the holidays or summertime).

• If there is a large number of applicants.

• If any of the required documents are missing, etc.

Luxembourg Visa Duration

The duration of a Luxembourg visa depends on the type of visa you apply for:

• A Luxembourg short-stay visa is issued for a maximum of three months within 180 days.

• A Luxembourg long-stay visa is issued for one year, but it can be extended or renewed, depending on your situation.

Luxembourg Visa Extension

If you’re going to stay in Luxembourg for longer than three months, you can:

• Apply for an extension. An extension can be granted only in certain conditions.

• Force majeure or humanitarian reasons that prevent you from leaving Luxembourg.

• You have a strong personal reason.

• You have political problems in your home country.

• Apply for a long-stay D visa. If you want to stay longer than three months in Luxembourg, you can apply before for a long-stay visa. The long-stay visa allows you to stay in Luxembourg for one year.

What Can I Do If My Application Is Refused?

If your Luxembourg visa is rejected, you can:

• Appeal the decision. Write an appeal letter to the embassy/consulate that refused your visa. You can submit the appeal letter 15 days after your visa has been denied.

• Re-apply. You can re-apply one more time for the same visa in Luxembourg.

• Apply for a Schengen visa to another Schengen country. If you apply for a Schengen visa to another Schengen country and are issued a visa, you can visit Luxembourg without a visa.

Luxembourg embassy/consulate can reject your visa for different reasons, such as: 

• False information.

• Missing documents.

• Not attending your visa appointment on time.

• Passport not being valid or in good condition.

• Not having travel insurance.

• Not being financially

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