Metu University Vacancy 2022

Mettu University, in its acronym (MeU), was established as a result of Ethiopian government’s endeavor towards realizing the country’s renaissance through educating the generation. It is one of the nine newly established public higher learning institutes.
Its foundation was laid by the then deputy minister of Education H.E  Ato Adhana Haile and the then Oromia national Regional State President H.E. Aba Dula Gemeda and other national and regional authorities at the presence of multitudes from different angles of ILU Aba Bor Zone to  celebrate the ceremony on October 11,2001 E.C. / October—,2008/9.The year 2010 marks the beginning of the first phase  buildings.
Up on the accomplishment of the ¼ of the first phase construction, the university welcomed its first entries by 2010/11. Students enrolled to the university for the first time were 394 in number, 205 M& 89 Female. Two faculties, Faculty of Engineering & Technology and Faculty of Natural &Computational Sciences, were the first faculties opened. Department of civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering were under Faculty of Engineering and Department of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were under Faculty of Natural Science.

Currently,2014/15, the University is organized under five faculties and one education Institute. These are, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences, faculty of social Science and Humanities, Faculty of Business and Economics and Institute of Education.

The University is enrolling 4069 students in regular and more than 2000 students in weekend, summer and evening program in different disciplines under the above mentioned faculties of which 70 % of them are attending sciences and technology fields. It has also been conducting Community based activities and researches that can solve societal problems.Mettu University is going to establish new campus of Agriculture at Bedele town and attempting to launch post graduate program by the near future. 

Mettu University is located 600 km apart from the capitol Addis Ababa to the South West of the country. It is located in Oromia National Regional state in Ilu Aba Bor zone. It is situated to the North West of Mettu town, the capital of the zone. The zone is characterized by its ever green tropical forest and most of rainy months. The area is also renowned for its forest coffee production, bee farm, livestock raring and others. The Natural environment, the wild lives and presence of abundant natural recourses make the area one of the potential tourist attraction areas of the country. It is also potential research and training area which enables our university to practice its mission.
The majority of the population is Oromo, an ethnic group with the largest number in the country, and other ethnic groups from different angles of the country. Diversity in religion, ethnicity and others is common in the area as it is common for Ethiopia. Above all the people of the zone particularly the people of Mettu town are warm, friendly and easy to familiarize with. Giving respect for the people from other area has been the value and culture of the region. The residents of the town have made MeU and its community the member of their own family. The area is characterized by long rainy months with moderate annual temperature which is highly favorable for life. There is no significant prevalence of special epidemic in the area related with environment and climate.