Turksh Scoralship Full Funded 2023

Turksh Scoralship Full Funded 2023

Apart from providing education opportunities at an international caliber as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, Türkiye offers scholarships to international students from all over the world to study in the most prestigious universities in Türkiye.
Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program, awarded to outstanding students and researchers to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Türkiye.

Türkiye Scholarships aims to build a network of future leaders committed to strengthening cooperation among countries and mutual understanding among societies.

What is unique about Türkiye Scholarships?

What makes Türkiye Scholarships unique is that it’s not only inclusive of financial support, tuition fee, accommodation and health insurance but also provides university placement and academic, social and cultural facilities to its awardees at all levels of higher education.

Programs and Levels of Study

Programs open for application are: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs
Applications will be open to applicants who wish to study at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.
Other programs such as Research Scholarships, Success Scholarships, and KATİP have different application periods and are announced regularly on our website and social media channels.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2023-24 in Turkey (Fully Funded)

Course Level: Bachelors, Master & PhD
Financial Support: Fully Funded
Institute: Turkish Universities
Host Country: Turkey

Eligible criteria

• Students already registered in Turkish universities can not Apply.
• For BS degree program, the age of candidate must be less than 21 years

• For Master Degree Programs the age of candidate will be less than 30 years old
• For PhD Degree Programs, Master’s degree is required and the age must be less than 35 years.
• Good Academic Record required.
• Turkish or English courses must be required.
• No criminal record will be there.

Programs Offered by Türkiye Burslari Scholarship:

Documentation and Record-Keeping
•  Economy, Econometrics
•  Educational Sciences, Comparative Education
•  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications
•  Environmental Engineering
•  Environmental Sciences, Ecology
•  Finance and Banking
•  Food Science and Technology
•  Forestry
•  General and Comparative Literature
•  Genetic Engineering
•  Geodesy, Cartography, Remote Sensing
•  Geography
•  Geology
•  Microbiology, Biotechnology
•  Museum Studies, Preservation
•  Nuclear and High Energy Physics
•  Nursing, Midwifery, Physical Therapy
•  Optics
•  Pharmacology
•  Pharmacy
•  Philosophy and Ethics
•  Physics
•  Political Science, Public Administration
•  Preschool Education
•  Psychology
•  Behavioral Sciences
•  Public Relations,
•  Radio/Television/Cinema
•  Security Studies
•  Geomantic Engineering
•  History
•  Horticulture
•  Industrial Engineering
•  Informatics
•  International Law
•  International Relations, Field Studies
•  Islamic Theology
•  Journalism
•  Languages
•  Livestock Breeding
•  Maritime Engineering and Technology
•  Marketing and Sale Management
•  Materials Science
•  Mathematics
•  Statistics
•  Mechanical Engineering
•  Media Studies
•  Medicine
•  Social Services
•  Sociology and Cultural Studies
•  Soil and Water Sciences
•  Special Education
•  Teacher Education
•  Tourism, Catering and Hotel Management
•  Transportation and Traffic Studies
•  Transportation
•  Urban and Regional Planning
•  Veterinary Physician
•  Zoology
•  Accounting
•  Agriculture Economy
•  Agriculture
•  Archeology
•  Architecture
•  Art History
•  Astronomy, Physics
•  Automotive Engineering and Technology
•  Biochemistry
•  Biology
•  Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering
•  Botanic
•  Business and Management
•  Chemical Engineering
•  Chemistry
•  Civil Engineering
•  Common Law
•  Computer Engineering
•  Constitution/Public Law
•  Dentistry
•  Design (Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Textile)
•  Development Studies

Apply now:https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr

Official link : https://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/announcements/turkiye-scholarships-2023-applications-39

Deadline: February 20, 2023